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Diamond City Starbeans

A Nintendo-Centric RPG

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A Nintendo Universe RPG

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Diamond City strives to be the fun-filled capital of the world as we know it. From Wario cashing in with his Microgames to Squid Fit hitting the shores of the Mushroom Kingdom and Club Sugar being where all the dancing is at, it seems to be all about the entertainment!

But some of this is just a growing progression of recent trends. Diamond City was once just a normal large city with it's tall buildings and flashy attractions! Even if you didn't want to join Wario to make rubbish little games, there was a reason to leave your home town and spend some time here, whether temporarily or downright permanently. Either that, or you just wound up here by twist of fate!

Your first stop is likely to be the Starbeans Coffee house that's been in operation across the street from Wario Ware, Inc. for just a little over a year now. You can meet fellow city folk or enjoy all kinds of imported coffee varieties!

But while it seems like you can set foot into Diamond City like you would any region, the space within the city limit may appear to feel like its own time dimension. Regardless of what year or era you originally came from, it is 2010 here in Diamond. Nobody would explain how this is possible, because all that matters is that the city is getting visitors from all over space and time between the Mushroom Kingdom and the Lylat System.

But what about the games being flung around left and right?

You may not know what a video game is? You may not know that you're famous enough to appear in games made by 9-Volt, or you may not even care! But you can live an average day in the city one moment, and then the next moment you'll be stalked by some inspired nerds to talk about your epic journey so it could be abridged into a 5-second amateur video game!

How about a cup of joe?

But if you're one of those villainy types who see this shiny, media-crazy city as nothing more than fertile grounds for evil mischief, then by all means! Just don't go shouting journal entries in size-7 capslock when your image gets defaced by Warioware Inc.'s part time workers!

Diamond City Starbeans is a small, lax, and private Nintendo-centric LJ RPG set in Diamond City. We cater to all sorts of action plots, adventure plots, quirky events, comedy, romance, drama, and even some leisurely CR, but we're also just a bunch of friends fooling around with our favorite characters and OCs.

Interested in joining? You could meet us in the chat (see sidebar link) or just introduce yourself when making a character claim. We won't bite.

DCS now accepts characters from all games and canons that have been available (even if only one game of it) on Nintendo Consoles. First party, third party, and multi-platform games, you name it! From the usual commodities of Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda to Crash Bandicoot, Okami, and then some.

We also accept canon-themed original characters.

rubbishingCammi (Fawful, Naval, Kazooie, Yokuba)

And diamondsignpost as the moderator account featuring Chippy the Annoying Tutorial Boothbabe!

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